Types of Accommodation in Australia with cost estimates

Do you ever think of finding the right accommodation as a challenge? Choosing the right accommodation is very crucial and often overlooked; as the place you choose will be your home for a while and will have a direct relation on your state of mind. So, read on below to understand the different types of accommodation options available.

On Campus/ University Accommodation

Halls of Residence

This is the most economical option available for students and hence is the most preferred one amongst internationals. Being located on the campus area, they offer easy access to the university and more social interaction. The utility costs are covered in the rent amount. Students have their own room with shared kitchen, bathroom and lounge areas.

The caveat is that it can be challenging to get a room in here as they fill up very quickly and are limited in number so make sure to apply well in advance preferably as soon as you receive an acceptance letter from the university.

Residential Colleges

Also, an on-campus accommodation, these are similar to the Halls of Residence but with more services and facilities and hence are comparatively expensive. They provide meal and cleaning services for students. They offer private rooms with shared bathrooms, dining and recreation areas.

As these are offered based on first come first serve basis, the earlier you apply the more are your chances of securing a place in the residential colleges.


Some universities/ colleges offer on campus or off campus (but close to the campus location) apartments approved by them so students have confidence and security when renting apartments. These are usually common with students in the last few years of their degree program. Apartments can be individual or shared with roommates. These provide students with more privacy and independence.

Cost for university accommodation is around A$80 – A$250 per week.


Homestay is basically living with a host Australian family which is a good way to get accustomed to the new culture and get to meet people. It also gives you an opportunity to improve your command on the local language. Most likely homestays offer furniture and have a separate washroom. The kitchen and living space are shared with the host family. You can opt for a meal service offered by the host family. Overall, it is a nice comfortable stay as most Australian families happily welcome international students but nonetheless you should be wise before choosing a homestay.

Cost for homestay  is around AUD $235 to $325 per week depending on the type of room, whether single or shared and if the meal service is included or not.

Boarding school

Boarding schools are offered mainly by private institutions and come with fully catered options such as meals, cleaning and laundry services. Some boarding schools also provide tutoring and additional social activities for students covered in the boarding costs. Tuition fees are to be paid in addition to the boarding fees. There may be private or shared accommodation depending on the boarding school.

Cost for boarding school accommodation varies between AUD$11,000 to $22,000 per year depending on the location and the school itself.

Private Rental

Some students choose to rent a property either with several housemates or by themselves. While these do provide more privacy and freedom it can be on the expensive side. Students can setup a new household or move into an existing one provided there is vacancy available. Usually you have to arrange the furniture yourself as these are unfurnished ones. The utilities such as water, sewer, electricity is not included in the rent amount and is to be paid separately. This type of accommodation mostly requires a security payment or deposit generally equal to a month’s rent which must be paid up front.

Cost for private rental is around AUD $155 to $450 per week while shared rental accommodation costs around AUD $80 to $250 per week.

Temporary Accommodation

Many students opt for temporary accommodation if their want something for a short duration or if they want to become familiar with the new city and find potential roommates before fixing an accommodation place. Most offer private rooms with shared kitchen and bathroom.

Below are some temporary accommodation options-


Low cost Hotels


Temporary housing if offered by the institution

Cost for temporary accommodation is around AUD$90 to $150 per week.

Wrapping Up

As you can see there are lot of accommodation options to choose from in Australia. Before deciding on a place, give it some thought and know your budget and choose what fits you the best.

To know what factors you should consider for accommodation, read our article on the 6 important factors you should consider before choosing an accommodation.

Which type of accommodation would you prefer and why? We would love to know in the comments below.

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